Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ise Kadoya Imperial Smoked Porter (2011)

And I have graduated to the capstone of the evening: the Ise Kadoya Imperial Smoked Porter. I live down the street from the brewery/restaurant but this is my first taste of the season. I'm reminded of how good a porter feels on a cold night. This also marks my first smoked style since I gambled on an Echigo Rauch, a mysterious beverage indeed. Needless to say the style is rescued here. It's bold, black and hoppy. And 7 percent alcohol.


Tomorrow me and the fiance are heading for Nagoya. Many things on the agenda but I'm sure I'll find room for some beer I can't find in Ise. Cheers!

Ise Kadoya Weizen Bock (2011 edition)

I'm home from my school's bounenkai (end-of-year-party / aka "forget the year party") and I'm sipping an Ise Kadoya Weizen Bock, a nice upgrade from the endless flow of Kirin lager supplied by the Ise City Hotel catering staff.

This is one of the styles I haven't had much experience with, but I'm enjoying the light character at the moment. That said, all I can think about is the Imperial Smoked Porter in the fridge. I haven't tried this one since the last release and I'm quite anxious to savor it.

Meanwhile, enjoy this photo of the 2011 Weizen Bock, compared with the previous model:

2011 edition

The slightly-more-Christmassy 2010