About this Site

JapanBrew is a blog that celebrates the craft beer scene in Japan. While I'll occasionally comment on or describe specific beers, this is not a beer review site.

I first came to Japan in 2007, putting in five years in Mie prefecture as an assistant language teacher at a public high school and a frequent drinker of Ise Kadoya beer. The next few years I spent in Hokkaido, where I wound up working for North Island Beer at their bar in Sapporo and brewery in Ebetsu.

Now (updated January 2016) I'm living in Toyoake city, just outside of Nagoya, with my wife and year-point-five-old son. We moved out of the Great North to be closer to my wife's family, and take residence in a her grandfather's old house.

"Home" is Oregon, where I was conditioned to think that good beer was everywhere. Now here, it takes a bit of looking, though the finding has been getting much better since this blog got kicking a few years ago.

New official post is at Oregon Beer Geeks Otagawa - a taproom and bottle shop featuring the lineup of a new-on-the-scene importer (枯れずのビア|karezu no bia). Also guest taps and bottles including domestic offerings. At the moment, you can find me most evenings working at this shop, a bit south of Nagoya on the Meitetsu airport line (literally a few steps form Otagawa station). For daily updates from the bar, check out Facebook page.