Tuesday, June 15, 2010

But honey, I'll only spend it on good beer!

In other Beer News From Last Week items, Bloomberg's Business Week reports that salary men are spending less on beer thanks to the poor economy and a drop in wages.

Says the article:

Salarymen go out drinking on average 2.9 times a month, spending about 4,190 yen ($46) each time, a 19 percent decline from a year earlier, according to a Shinsei Financial Co. online survey. That buys five pints of Sapporo Draft at Coopers, a British pub, in central Tokyo.

The article goes on to say that a few restaurant operators are planning to open new low-cost chains, while other eateries will offer "one-coin" lunches.

Another point in the article: It is usually wives who handle household finances, so the salarymen are getting shut down when they ask for more spending money.

I propose a deal with the wives, which goes something like this. They hand over a few extra thousand if the husbands agree to stick to craft beer.

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