Thursday, July 8, 2010

Price Check

I just called and confirmed our (large looking) group reservation for the Ise Kadoya nomihoudai next week, and learned that they've upped the one-hour price to 1,500 yen. Still a very good deal, and it also appears that a second hour is still only 900 yen. I'll try to confirm that next week when I slide into hour two with a hour-drunk-confidence that I'll be fine at work on Thursday.

So to be clear, it's 1,500 yen for one hour of unlimited drinking, choosing from Ise Kadoya's four main offerings, plus a rotating roster of guest beers from around Japan. Can't beat this deal.


  1. If you can get it, their DIPA was very good at Toyama a week or so ago. Tiny bit sweet but very nice.
    However, drink too much and it may knock some of your party on their asses.
    I do rate their brown ale very highly.
    The extended time offer is as you say, still great value.

  2. The brown ale is my favorite among their usual offerings. I'll keep an eye out for that DIPA ... maybe they'll pour some at next week's nomnihoudai event.

    What kind of nonmihoudai deals are available out there in the city?