Monday, August 22, 2011

Ise Kadoya Imperial Red Ale (bottled)

This evening I'm enjoying a glass of the 85-IBU Ise Kadoya-led collaboration Imperial Red Ale, which has made rounds at beer bars and festivals over the last few months.

Sadly I couldn't make any of those festivals, but I was able to pick up on this beer a while back at the local craft bar (owned/operated by an Ise Kadoya brewer in his free time).

This beer emerged here in Ise just after I made a trip back to Oregon, where I was surrounded by wonderfully hoppy beers. It was a nice surprise to find this nicely balanced offering coming out of Ise (while Ise Kadoya regularly puts out fantastic beers, not many aim for this particular taste). 

As of now, the beer is for sale in bottles at Ise Kadoya's Biyagura brewpub and it is also available for online order. I haven't been in to Biyagura for drinks for quite a while, but it has been on tap as well for limited runs.

I'm curious to find out how it's being received among domestic drinkers, so I'll ask around next time I get a chance.

For those who have tried one, how did you like it?

If you haven't tried it yet, I'd move quickly ... this might not be around for long.

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