Friday, July 20, 2012

Craft Beer Japan iPhone app from the Japan Beer Times

Those following the Japan Beer Times in print, online, or on Twitter have probably heard about their new iPhone app, called "Craft Beer Japan," which is a bilingual guide to where to find craft beer across Japan. I'm not sure when exactly it hit the Apple Store, but I saw someone post about it and immediately installed in on my phone. 

My quick take is that it's a great platform that will continue updating as new information becomes available. If I visit a big city that I know has a few craft beer places, I know I can use this app to guide me. Further, bars can add their own specials to the app through a chalkboard-like feature. After a quick scan of Sapporo's entries, I saw the Beer Inn Mugishutei will waive their normal cover charge if you show the app. 

Meanwhile, we can expect additional features to be added as time goes by. Craft Beer Japan is certainly worth the few dollars it sells for. Check out the Japan Beer Times app page here. 

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  1. There are a lot of other tie-ins and discounts available between the app and bars and restaurants, it's one of the features that makes the app worth its weight in gold.

    And don't forget, Android version coming very soon!