Monday, October 25, 2010

Korea in Brief

I did not drink any craft beer in Korea.

I did, however, drink plenty of the standard stuff over the short stay in Seoul. And while the beer fails to improve on Japanese standard offerings, it comes much cheaper over there, which was a welcome change.

Besides beer, there was plenty of other drinks to sample, including makgeolli and soju.

Since I was there for a wedding, the schedule was tight and exploring time was limited. When a free day came up, a few of us checked out the shopping district Insadong and a nearby covered market full of stalls selling ready-to-eat food or take-home fare.

I had the Beer in Korea iPhone app at the ready, but there wasn't enough time to put it to use.

Generally speaking, Korea was great. I loved the food, had a lot of fun meeting people and hanging out with friends from Japan, and had a few days away from reality, even if reality is the sometimes-surreal Japan.

There will be a next time. Friends and I are already discussing when we might get over there again, with a bit more time to explore on our own.

If I can I'll post some photos later on.

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