Monday, November 29, 2010

A welcome back with a WiezenBock

I admit that it has been harder than I had imagined to make the time and muster the effort to keep this blog going at a serious level.

One of my problems has been that I don't get out much ... that is, out of Mie. Another angle for the blog I had tried out was scanning and summarizing Japan beer news from around the internet, but I didn't exactly find a grove there either.

That said, I do very fortunately live a one-minute walk away from Ise Kadoya's brewpub. I just made that one-minute trek and picked up what they call the "Weizen Bock." Clearly a seasonal, a shadow of Santa filling a stocking with a beer, in front of a Christmas tree, adorns the label.

It's taste is pleasing, reminding me of winter seasonals back home. That is, it goes down easy but doesn't exactly hook me for a long-term commitment.

For the beer reviewer types, this entry from 2007 seems about right for the 2010 batch.

Stand by, as another seasonal Ise Kadoya offering currently resides in my fridge.

As for the blog as a whole ... I cannot make any promises. When I find a new seasonal at Ise Kadoya, I'll be sure to give it a try. And when I travel, I'll be sure to take in material to post. Otherwise, I'm going to have to think about what direction to take the blog.

Regardless, happy drinking!

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  1. Dan, blogs are hard, I know. Keep up the good work when you can -- looking forward to reading future entries!