Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A detailed report on Sapporo's craft beer scene (is not found in this post)

I've officially been living in Sapporo for one month, but I feel like I've hardly explored the city. This is in part because I feel no sense of rush now that I live here — everything can wait, dammit! This attitude is not sustainable, however, in the long term. Another reason is budget. Moving is expensive, I don't work many hours so far, and doing beer-related things generally costs money. I do expect to eventually check out more of the craft beer establishments in the city, including a bar in a nearby neighborhood that allegedly serves Yona Yona Real Ale. 

I did recently get in to Adanonki, a used book store / craft beer bar which isn't far from where I work. I went along with a colleague who has lived in Sapporo for many years but hadn't heard of the place. We were both somewhat giddy with hops after trying a Mikkeller Koppi Coffee IPA (also, perhaps, we were giddy with booze). 

Elsewhere, after being alerted via the Japan Beer Times Twitter account that certain Lawson's would be stocking Yona Yona Ale, I scouted my neighborhood locations, only to be disappointed. But it seems that the closer you get to the city center, the better chance you have of finding a participating Lawson. I am, in fact, consuming a Lawsonated ale right now. Here she is: 

Stay tuned as I hopefully ventur further in the craft beer scene here in Sapporo and beyond. 


  1. Hey Dan, back in the states and in hot pursuit of Yona Yona Ale. Any tips to where I can buy in person or online? Thanks!

  2. I just did some Googling and this might be a lead. Let me know if it helps out!