Monday, November 26, 2012

The snow isn't falling

Just about every night since the first snowfall this month, I walk over to the front window once or twice an hour to see if it's snowing. Often I can only make it out in the glow of the streetlight, so my eyes shoot there involuntarily. After establishing this habit, even in the daylight hours I look first at the streetlight. Nope, still not snowing.

I'm adjusting to life in Hokkaido, and thanks to a late-start to the snowy season we're still easing into it here. We've had a few bouts of snowfall but nothing substantial. And now the rain. Tomorrow the temperatures are set to drop and snow is forecast most days this week. The shared apartment shovel is on standby, my knit cap collection has been boosted, my light summer shoes have been traded in for a pair with traction. 

You may have picked up on my snow obsession. I can't seem to shake it. A colleague who has been here for five years says he too used to like the snow, but now he's over it. Will that happen to me as well? It's possible. But this being my first real winter (Oregon's occasional winter blasts notwithstanding), I reserve the right to be excited. I don't know what exactly excites me about it, but I'll try to figure that out in another post. 

As for beer, I've been enjoying the occasional visit to Adanonki, the used-book-store-craft-beer-bar in the city center. Two taps bring in a rotating selection, usually with two offerings from the same brewery. If the taps don't suit your fancy, a selection of bottles is available as well. 

I've also made a few solo trips to Kalahana, the cider and craft beer bar in the Tanuki Koji shopping arcade. There's always something interesting on the menu, and occasionally I find something from Mie's Ise Kadoya, somewhat easing my waxing sense of nostalgia for Biyagura and their nomihoudai. 

Closer to home, the Seiyu grocery store not far down the road has recently been stocking Yona Yona for about 250 yen per can. Great price for a nice every day beer. I'd like to branch out and find some more bottle/can options for home. I recently heard of a liquor shop in Susukino that might have what I desire. 

So that's my update. And in case you're wondering, despite all my efforts, it's still not snowing. 


  1. I hope you've found Phred's bar, Mugishutei.
    Must be the best beer place in Sapporo.
    -Nevitt (Beering in Mind blog)

  2. I've been there once (on a visit to Sapporo last year) but I haven't yet since I moved here. In time!